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AOI automated optical inspection machine use visual methods to monitor printed circuit boards for defects.They are able to detect a variety of surface feature defects,PCB optical detector can replace the visual check and manual operators.

Product Details
Automatic optical inspection machine, AOI, is a key technique used in the manufacture and test of electronics printed circuit boards, PCBs. Automatic optical inspection system, AOI enables fast and accurate inspection of electronics assemblies and in particular PCBs to ensure that the quality of product leaving the production line is high and the items are built correctly and without manufacturing faults.

ASCEN A500 model 3D Offline AOI is designed for inspection of PCB with top component clearance upto 50 mm. the A500 model is very suitable for a standard PCB inspection after reflow oven . In addition, the same machine can inspect components on glue including the pad glue contamination.
A500 PCB optical inspection machine was built as an entry level machine for customers requiring a high-quality AOI with low price. This machine offers easy and straight forward programming, ultra-fast inspection speed, very high detect ability and low false alarm rate.A500 3D Offline auto optical inspection system supports central server and library configuration, offline programming and verification. The standard configuration includes barcode reading with camera, on-system verification, SPC and tracibility.
About the AOI pcb auto optical inspection machine more application in the SMT assembly line, Please check the solution detail in the”How the auto optical inspection machine detect variety of surface feature defects for PCB board” 

1)Automatic optical detector with fast programming design
2)Internal SPC software package
3)Multi program running
4)Multi application design
5)High precision ,High NG output
6)Automatic barcode reading
7)Intellectualized coaxial light design
8)Multi-mark(bad mark included)
9)Remote control system and central server
Automatic Optical Inspection Part Defect Cases:
automatic optical inspection machine

Automatic Optical Inspection Machine Application Ability:
Programming speed
1)A PCBA with 3000 frames can be finished within 50 minutes by manual programming.
2)If it has component library, import CAD data to program automatically.
3)ASCEN AOI A500 model has OLP package(including offline debugging function)
Automatic optical detector Cycle Time
1)Test a PC motherboard in 15 seconds
2)Test a mobile phone board in 3 seconds
3)180 frames per second on average
Statistic Process Control (SPC)
1)Auto optical inspection machine providing reports in detail
2)Automatic warning when the same error occurs for times
3)Auto-count the pie chart,graph and PPM chart of week, month and quarter.
4)Seamless connection between SPC and AOI, take measures to avoid problems
   According to the feedback, then it will control the quality in time.
Ability Source
1)Intellectualized digital color camera
2)Extra bright RRGB coaxial ring tower LED light(color light)
3)Multi-algorithm to different test items

PCB optical detector

Acculite patent coaxial light (Developed to flip and unsoldered)
With coaxial four-level illumination, the parts can be in the best status of brightness and softness. A500 model is able to test HASL and red glue efficiently to improve solder image quality of after reflow and inspection results. It helps to solve the solder joints problems caused by PCB with different background colors.High precision intellectualized camera reads the barcode automatically, providing high speed and clearer images.

automatic optical detector

Intelligent Optimization
High resolution images,automatic Side A/B reading, automatic barcode reading and bad mark function will optimize the process and increase the efficiency and management ability. Auto-frame and auto-searching makes the programming very easy. With high precision and high test quality, PCB optical inspection machine A500 model meets the needs of mass production, multi-mode and multi-function surface inspection.
Machine Dimensions

PCB inspection machine

Functional specifications for ASCEN offline automatic optical inspection machine A500 model
PCB Testing range Use for test the PCB board after reflow or DIP wave peak welding assembly
Detection Method statistical modeling, full-color image comparison, and automatic setting of parameters (such as deviation, polarity, short circuit, etc.) according to different detection points.
Camera Intellectualized digital color camera
Resolution/Range/ Speed: (Standard): 15μm/Pixel FOV:38mmX31mm (Speed)<200ms/FOV
(Option):  8μm/Pixel FOV:20mmX16mm  (Speed)<200ms/FOV
Program Mode Manual programming, Auto frame, CAD input automatically correspond to component library
Remote control  Remote control through TCP/IP. Check, start or stop the machine, or modify the procedures at any time.
Inspection Items Misalignment, insufficient, short, contamination, missing, skewed, billboard, mounting on side, overturn, wrong part, damaged, float, polarity, pseudo soldering, missing solder, excessive glue, solder void, solder-covering pin
Special Features Multiple program running simultaneously(support auto change program); Checking 0-359°components(unit:1°)
Minimum Component &pitch 8µm:01005 chip &0.3pitch IC
SPC and program control Statistic and analysis of all test data ,check production and quality analysis anywhere, can output Excel, Txt file
Bar code System  Camera can read and transfer the Barcode automatically(one-dimension or two dimension),Multi-Mark function (including Bad Mark)
Server Mode Administrative data from many AOI through center server
Operation System  Windows 7 Professional
Display/Output  22inch TFT LCD
System specifications for ASCEN offline automatic optical inspection machine A500 model
PCB size  50×50mm(Min)~430×330mm(Max)
PCB thickness 0.3 to 5 mm
Clamping System Edge Clearance TOP:3.5mm Bottom:3.5mm
PCB weight 3KG
PCB Tolerance <5mm or 2% of PCB diagonal length
PCB Height PCB (Top Side): 30mm, PCB (bottom side): 60mm
Conveyor  Automatic clamp, Automatic compensation to avoid distortion
Conveyor height 850 to 920mm
Conveyor Direction   Left→ right or right→left
X/Y Driver Screw and AC servo driver, PCB fixed, Camera in XY, approved with CTQ
Power Supply AC230V 50/60 less than Hz 0.5KVA
Dimension 900x1070x1310mm ( LxWxH), about 550kg
Humidity  10~35 ℃ 35~80% RH  ( no dew )
Certificate According with CE standard

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