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  • ASCEN technology automatic manufacturer

    ASCEN headquartered in Dongguan,China with assembly space of 10000 square meters

  • ultrasonic welding machine

    ASCEN technology factory output more than 500 sets of ultrasonic welding machine per month

  • PCB unloader manufacturer

    There is 20 engineer to follow up the automatic production project

ASCEN technology team 

Since 2007 we support you with pioneering spirit,innovative capacity and vision,ASCEN technology team is escorted by a vigorous team of humble and patient staff. They enjoy listening to the clients and tailoring automatic assembly solutions up to clients' demand. we dedicated to making quality machine that help our clients operate more efficiently and effectively..

● ASCEN headquartered in Dongguan,China with assembly space of 10000 square meters.

● We output more than 1000 sets of machine per month from our factory

● A professional engineer team is responsible for the customized machine project

● There is 20 engineer to follow up the production project

● ASCEN technology team own an 100 people to do the after sale serve in different area.

● ASCEN team cooperation partner cover multi country area and keep expanding

● ASCEN team cooperation with the electronical OEM factory and provide solution to save more cost

● ASCEN team provide the PCB handling system and SMT optical inspection system with full automatic control

● We development the SMT tape insertion feeder system to satisfy for multi demand from plug-in line

● We help client finish full automation industrial custom production design for their product

● Our all equipment production with the CE standard and with strict quality test

  • PCB magazine loader

    ASCEN technology factory output more than 200 sets of PCB magazine loader every month

  • single magazine PCB NG unloader

    ASCEN technology is a manufacturer for SMT automatic assembly equipment

SMT handing system equipment assembly from ASCEN technology

    • PCB linking conveyor

      PCB linking conveyor assembly warehouse

    • PCB buffer assembly area

      PCB buffer assembly area

    • PCB traverser

      PCB traverser on producing assembly line

    • reflow oven

      ASCEN reflow oven on the test

    • face mask making machine

      Automation industrial custom equipment in the warehouse

    • PCB stacker

      PCB stacker ready to ship

    • PCB NG buffer

      PCB NG buffer delivery 

    • PCB magazine unloader delivery

      PCB magazine unloader delivery 

ASCEN technology team

ASCEN History