High speed 3 Ply mask making machine is comprised of one face mask machine and one ear loop welding machines.After medical mask making machine outputs a mask,the mask will be transported to the 3 ply mask welding machine,The ear loop welding machine is used to complete welding the mask ear loop or headband loop. That’s the whole process to produce a face mask.this ASCEN high speed medical surgical mask production line include the stable and efficient welding system,can long time production and without the fault,this earloop welding machine can output 80-100 piece of mask per mintue. surpass most of common 3 ply mask welding machine in the market.This supper high speed medical mask earloop welding machine also with the small volume and not heavy,only 1.3M long,sutable for shipping by air and urgent delivery time.

The high speed surgical mask welding machine can connect to the medical mask forming making machine to be the whole set of fully automatic mask production line,this fully automatic face mask making production line will finish all the processing from the feeding to nose-clip fixing,edge sealing,cutting the finished products automatically,suitable for the mask specifications: 175*(80-100) mm three layers of non-woven planar filter type guaze mask,According to different material you use, the finished products can reach the standards as N95,FFP2 etc. this fully automatic 3-ply medical surgical face mask production line with high speed mask ear loop welding machine that has features as stable performanc,high productivity,low error rate and easy operation etc.

If you interested in this super high speed fully automatic 3 ply mask making machine,please sent the email to ASCEN engineer team, email: info@ascen.ltd

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