PCB flip conveyor/Invertor

Model:HY-330 inverter


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PCB flip conveyor/PCB invertor/PCB inverting conveyor is used to flip the PCB board for double side PCB intelligent assembly.

Product Details
This automatic PCB flip conveyor mainly use for turnover the PCB in 180 degree for double side processing. 
* Omron /Mitsubishi PLC intelligent control system with International universal SMEMA interface.
* Stable and durable design, achieve the 180 degree board turnover stable.
* PCB flip conveyor has the following features: intelligent touch screen control interface,sound-light alarm when fault occurs, automatic fault diagnosis.
* PCB flipper with the pass through function
* Buffer deceleration design more stable, accurate
* Enclosed design ensure the highest security level
* With stable width adjustment device (manual screw control or width adjustment selectable automatically).
* CE certified

Please click here video link to check PCB inverting conveyor working in 3 kinds of different mode:
Item Scope of application
Model number HY-330 inverter HY-390 inverter
Dimensions(L*W*H) 600*700*1200 600*800*1200
PCB Width (50*50)-(500*330mm) (50*50)-(500*390mm)
Conveyor Height 900+/-20mm(or customized)
Cycle Time About 20s
PCB Direction L-R(R-L)
Speed 0~800(mm)/Min
Belt size ESD 7mm flat belt
Power Consumption 0.4KW
Air press and flow rate 4-6 bar, MAX10L/minute
Power Supply 1P AC220V 50/60HZ or customized available
Control method LCD screen+PLC
PCB thickness =/>0.4mm
Communication Plug SMEMA Signal Plug for up/down line Double-wire cable
Weight Approx.140Kg Approx.160Kg
Note: Can customized the bigger PCB width for your double side PCB assembly line

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