PCB shuttle conveyor

PCB shuttle conveyor can be used for PCB board transport from one-track machine to one-track placement machine for subsequent production. It can also be used for dual-track DIP plug-in production line to realize moving in and out of the plug-in production line in the same direction. Then the plug-in process can be carried out.

* Adopts PLC, Omron relay, LEF intermediate relay control system. And the speed and distance is adjustable.
* It has the following features: touch screen operation, sound-light alarm when fault occurs, automatic fault diagnosis.
* PCB shuttle conveyor is closed when it is working to ensure operating safety.
* The transfer distance can be set freely and It is equipped with compatible SMEMA port
* Swift, smooth and precise operations (frequency inverter controller)
* It is equipped with intelligent touch screen control interface which is quite convenient.
* Enclosed design ensure the highest security level
* With stable width adjustment device (manual screw control or width adjustment selectable automatically).
* Buffer deceleration design more stable, accurate
* CE certified
The PCB shuttle conveyor detailed process operation please check the video from ( PCB shuttle conveyor )

Manufacturer: ASCEN technology

Standard: CE