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Shuttle cutter PCB depaneling machine

Model:Customized ASC-508


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ASCEN shuttle cutter cutting type PCB depaneling machine can be customized use to different cutting length according your PCB board.This PCB V score depaneling equipment is irreplaceable for some specific PCB panel.PCB separator can use to long PCB

Product Details
This ASCEN shuttle cutter cutting type PCB depaneling machine,it can use for all kinds of PCB material,include the FR4,CEM-1,Aluminum.this PCB separator is a extended version customized ASC-508 model,it can be customized use to different cutting length according your PCB board.This PCB V-score depaneling machine is irreplaceable for some specific PCB panel.
For some PCB OEM company or the PCB manufacturer,the manufacturer produce different PCB panel in every week.some time need produce the long LED light PCB panel that even more than 1.2M long,some time need produce the FR4 circuit board,different material and huge difference in length.this shuttle V scoring cutter PCB depaneling can easily set cutting length for your PCB panel.some time you find your PCB board has the component at the top and bottom,and there is less than 2mm distance between the component and the V cut score line.this PCB shuttle V cut cutter depaneling system with the specific knife and suitable for the PCB with Max.component height 35mm and minimum 1.5mm distance from the component to the V-score line.maybe you will fine this machine is irreplaceable in your production line.
For some LED light manufacturer,maybe you won’t find a solution because your LED board has the components at the top and bottom.even your component height is very high and your LED board length more than have to use this PCB V scoring shuttled cutter depaneling present there is no better cost effective machine as an alternative

Please click here ASCEN customized shuttle cutter PCB depaneling machine to see machine operation video,you will know more about equipment use to the PCB V score grooving line processing

ASCEN shuttle cutter cutting type PCB depaneling machine ASC-508 model advantages:
1)after soldering the PCBA plate of connecting pieces,it often hurts lines or breaks the electronic parts when breaking. This PCB separator cuts PCBA with feed mode to reduce stress drastically, prevent the solder joint and parts from cracking and improve the productivity and quality. 
2)With circle knife above and anvil blade below,when the board flow to the anvil blade, shift the switch,and the anvil blade move laterally to the set point, then the PCB board is cut off with smooth incision and no burrs. 
PCB V-cut score line separator ASC-508 model features:
1)The PCB shuttle cutter separator with completely independent development and controlled by PLC control system,the machine is very accurate and stable.It can cut a single board within the length from 0 to 1200mm(customized) off with a cut.
2)The feeding speed is adjustable with 500mm/s and 300mm/s.If the speed is fast enough, the quality is improved for the board is cut without burrs and rough selvedge.
3)The feed distance of the knife wheel is from 0 to 1200mm(the tool length can be customized ).The height of the knife wheel is finetuning from 0 to 10mm so that it is suitable for PCB of various kinds of thickness and the depth of V-CUT groove.The height of work station is regulable from 0 to 200mm.
4)The forward and stop point can be set according to the plate length when feeding, the stop point for artificial setting.
5)The upper and lower knives is made of imported highspeed steel material,which are durable and can be regrinded. 
6)The platform is adjustable. It is good for the product quality when lifting the platform, because it will reduce stress and will not hurt the product. 
7)The spacing device applies to products of different size,so as to improve the work efficiency.

Item Scope of application
Model number customized ASC-508 (no conveyor belt)
Separator size 1100*500*500mm
Packing size 1280*600*650mm
Size of the conveyor belt none
Knife material imported highspeed steel
Cutting speed 200,300,500mm/s
Cutting thickness 0.3mm-3mm
circular knife size 110mm(diameter)
Blade length 600mm(length) or customized
Voltage AC220/110V 50-60HZ
Machine weight 112kg
Packing weight 140kg
Power 60W

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