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This PCB cutting machine that can use for aluminum substrate,FR4,CEM-1,MCPCB multiple type material ,it can suitable for cutting maximum 4mm thickness PCB panel without the bend and twist with high durability and long life time.

Product Details
PCBs cutting machine pneumatic type very popular use for the electronic factory that cover the PCBA manufacturing,LED lighting,electronic product assembly. It can use for cutting LED long board and also can use to the PCBA with the high component separate operation. It is the best way to replace the way to purchase multiple cutting machine

Please check the solution here: Why choose ASCEN pcb separator ASC-620 PCBs cutting equipment , you will learn more about this model advantage that most of people don't know or you can email to ASCEN team for more solution for solve your PCB panel depaneling problem.
*Cutting with the double straight knife, it is especially suitable for the segmentation of precision SMD sheet and aluminum PCB.
*With guilotine operation, it applies to PCB of all kinds of thickness, whose board schedule is less than 1-2mm, so there is no concerns about safety.
*The inner stress when cutting will be under 180uE, in case of a soder crack and the damage of precision components.
*The minimum width between the edge of V-groove and the parts is 0.3mm, and the maximum up and down height is 40mm.
*the cutting rate is one segmentation for one second, controlled by pneumatic pedal switch.
*the starting of the cutting set is for passive, so that the cutting tangent and position is under secure control. With little stress when cutting, there will no soder crack.
* With cutting of nonroller (circular knife, straight knife ) type, there is no dust, no motor drive, and no carbon powder pollution.
*With no-rubbing type cutting, there is no metal residue.
* The blade can be used 600000/times without power supply, avoiding the loss and change of electrical products.
*The pcbs cutting machine uses 5-7kg air compressor without specific cutting place, and it is maintained by wiping its appearance with the anti-rust oil .


Item Scope of application
Model number ASC-620
Dimensions(L*W*H) 700*550*460mm
PCB Board thickness 0.2-4mm
Maximum PCB board length 340mm
Maximum cutting width Unlimited
maximum allow component height on top 40mm
maximum allow component height on bottom 24mm
Working temperature 10-35 degree
Power Supply 1P AC220V 50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Weight Approx.252Kg

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